We use a web app called Basecamp to run all of our projects at Gospelware. It is the best of its kind, and is used by thousands of companies all over the world.

It allows us to keep track of all of our tasks, host our project files, it encourages collaboration and keeps our clients up to date with a project’s progression.

When 37Signals updated Basecamp in early 2012,they also changed the API they made available to 3rd party developers. This meant that all of the apps written for the old API would no longer work with the new Basecamp Next.

A picture of a laptop with the Basecamp website on it.

"A beautiful, speedy, and intuitive interface. Access important Basecamp features with no headaches"

A zoomed-in image of the overview screen from the Rappel app.
An image of the overview screen from the Rappel app.


We created Rappel. A native iPhone app with a beautiful, speedy and intuitive mobile-friendly interface giving users access to important Basecamp features without headaches and with only a few taps.

Users can create multiple projects and tasks, allowing them to manage all of their projects clearly, build and complete to-do lists on the go, as well as delegate tasks to team members, set target dates and keep track of the progress of everyone in the team. Compose new messages and view discussions swiftly.

Rappel also allows users to upload image attachments within the app, as well as view, print and share project files. Rappel is built using the new Basecamp Next API, giving users an app that’s designed to support Basecamp’s most up-to-date features.


Rappel has received high acclaim from 37Signals’ staff, including co-founder Jason Fried, who tweeted a link to the app on release day.

37Signals have also recommended it to anyone who has enquired about an official Basecamp app. This has translated into moderate download sales and positive reviews and endorsements from the community.

We will continue to develop Rappel as user requests come in, and the Basecamp Next API develops.

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Two images of the Rappel app. Left features the Overview screen, right a discussion screen.