With currently no popular place where moods can be shared digitally and easily, our challenge was to create an app that bridges the gap between actual emotion and crafting a form of expression. The app needed to be laid-back and enjoyable for users, with a relaxed space to share feelings and have friends show in return that they’re ‘thinking of you’.

Putting feelings across can leave us feeling vulnerable or too expressive, the ultimate goal of our project was to create a comfort zone for opening up about feelings and allow users to support each other more consciously.

Funded by Innovation Labs, a partnership between Comic Relief, Nominet Trust, Paul Hamlyn Foundation, Mental Health Foundation and Right Here.

two wireframes of the moodbug app.

"People can easily mask how they’re feeling. People are left relying on the instinct of others to pick-up on their actual mood."

A zoomed-in image of the friends moods from the moodbug app.
An image of friends moods from the moodbug app.


We created an app that allows users to easily express their moods to each other in a socially comfortable way. Friends can be added easily using phone contacts and are able to track each others moods as well as their own activites and emotions.

Moods can be expressed through a simple two-swipe system which was designed around the latest mood psychology research. Users can send gifts to each other as a gesture to help elevate the mood of their friends and they can comment to discuss more in-depth about their status.

We designed 25 custom emoticons for the app and 18 gifts making an individual and customised user experience.

An image of the mood expression from moodbug.


The face-to-face quality of a conversation fades through the use of social media, it has became easy to hide behind text which can leave the true emotion hiding underneath.

MoodBug makes it easy for someone to express their state of mind in a space where mood expression is free to exist. One update becomes the difference between friends not knowing your troubles to them helping you out of them.

Two images of the moodbug app. Left features the gift screen, right the statistics screen.