With fewer people getting together socially in pubs and bars, Jose Cuervo aim to reverse this trend by commissioning an app that will make the arranging of a night out with friends quicker, easier and more interactive. As the brand is global, the app was to be part of a world wide marketing campaign in key territories like the US, South Africa and Europe.

We were approached by Albion London, to realise their designs for an app that encourages people to get their mates to the pub.

A picture of a laptop with the Jose Cuervo website on it.

"Create Packs of your friends, choose a watering hole, and invite pack members to join them for a night out."

A zoomed-in image of the who's in screen from the howl party animals app.
An image of the who's in screen from the howl party animals app.


We worked closely with Albion to develop a set of features (and future ones) to produce an app that allows users to create Packs of their friends, choose a watering hole, and then invite the pack members to join them for a night out.


A user can create a pack, become that pack’s leader, add members to the pack, create a howl (the event) and howl to the pack, sending a notification to all pack members the details of the location. The pack leader has the ability to send messages to the pack, change pack name and also the location of the howl.

Once a howl has been sent, the members of the pack can reply to notify whether or not they are able to attend. If they are attending they score points for checking in to the venue on arrival. The more points you get, the better animal avatar you receive.


Multiple packs can be created so that you can cater for your various sets of friends.

The app uses the foursquare API to pull in lists of nearby venues. When arriving, pack members are offered the chance to check in and earn points.


Gospelware built the Android app, iOS app, API and the website thehowlapp.comfor a worldwide audience.


A scalable API was created to handle the potential traffic from a multi territory release and is deployed on Amazon Web Services.

The app is to be the cornerstone of a mass media campaign currently being rolled out globally.

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Two images of the howl app. Left features your packs, right the scores screen.