We were approached by Global Device Management, a Chicago based medical technologycompany, to aid them in extending their medical software onto mobile devices.

The web based VACS system allows clinicians to upload Operating Theatre video, x-rays, scans and images, add notes to these and share them with consultants and surgeons.

Using mobile, GDM hoped to increase the amount of data captured and allow this to happen earlier in the patient’s care.

Previously, data capture in the Emergency Room was very sporadic and could not to be undertaken quickly by paramedics before the patient arrived at the hospital.

A picture of a laptop with the VACS website on it.

"We focused on creating a simple and clean user experience which would enable the quick input of data."

A zoomed-in image of the media screen from the VACS Mobile Snapshot app.
An image of the media screen from the VACS Mobile Snapshot app.


An iPhone and iPad app that would integrate with the existing VACS system and allow paramedics and ER staff to quickly capture images, video, audio and patient information then easily share these assets with consultants and surgeons.

This extra information would remove any ambiguity in the information being passed on to a surgeon, allowing them to make better informed decisions, allocate relevant resources and ultimately save more lives.

During the app development we focused on creating a simple and clean user experience which enables the quick input of data.

To ensure security on mobile devices, the app encrypts all of its data. A pin code system was implememnted to restrict access to the app. This shortened the time between launching the app and being able to capture media.


Strong sales of the VACS system has prompted GDM to modify their business focus in 2013.

The medical hardware side of the business has been sold to allow greater emphasis on developing and pushing VACS. They have had promising talks that would see the system rolled out to every healthcare provider in California.

We are currently discussing an Android version of Mobile Snapshot and there are plans for a patient version of the app that will allow a method of sending media directly to a doctor before a hospital appointment.

Our work for GDM has seen us receive two Highly Commended awards for ‘The Best Use Of Mobile Technology’ and ‘Best Mobile Project’ at the Big Chip Awards 2013.

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Two images of the VACS Mobile Snapshot app. Left features the Media screen, right the folders screen.