GGCSEPod Classic was the debut version of the software which became the ideal way for teens to exercise their learning potential both in the classroom and at home, by tapping into the learning potential of smartphones and tablets. The combination of smart technology and award-winning content generated a high-level of usage which has had an impact on the improvement of results.

Our challenge was to update the system by redesigning the GCSEPod 2.0 website and app. Also we were to add a player for podcasts that allows students to sync their personalised content directly from the website.

A picture of a wireframes for the GCSEPod website.

"The GCSEPod app is used in hundreds of schools across the country by thousands of pupils. It is a big driver behind some schools adopting mobile computing in the classroom."

A zoomed-in image of the dashboard screen from the GCSEPod app.
An image of the dashboard screen from the GCSEPod app.


We overhauled the user experience, allowing quick access between subjects, exams, assignments and downloaded content, adding more clarity than in the previous version.

An added dashboard feature allows users to quickly access recently viewed content, upcoming exams and assignments. Favoriting chapters and a ‘now-playing’ feature are part of the many new functions that make up the podcast player, with the additional ability to stream and playback content even when the user is offline.


GCSEPod has gained industry recognition since its completion with awards from BETT, IAAS, learning Without Frontiers and Education Investor.

The app is used in hundreds of schools nationwide and has been an influencing support behind many schools using mobile computing in classrooms. Innovation and adding mobile technology early is what has set GCSEPod apart from other learning systems and allows it to remain competitive.

The company has seen a vast increase in sales since the app’s release with Android and iPad versions next on their list of making GCSEPod as accessible as possible.

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Two images of the GCSEPod app. Left features the playlist screen, right the player screen.